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Vacuum Trash Compactor





Operators Benefit



Vacuum Trash Compator VTC brings major benefits to airlines in terms of


  • weight savings (-45%),
  • maintenance costs (-20% to -30%) 
  • power consumption (-30% to - 500%).


With a new design of the front panel, a waste door 700mm above the cabin floor and a trolley to handle the trash bags, it is much more confortable for the crew to operate the compaction of the trash. They do not have to lean forward to replace the consumable bag or insert a waste through the trash door.



































Economical Benefits


Moving to this new technology enables the operator to reduce compaction function operating costs significantly saving money on the fuel consumption, maintenance costs (online operations, workshops and spare parts stocks) and training costs (crew and technical supports).

As the system is plug and play and does not require any galley reinforcement, the integration non recuring cost is minimum.











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