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Biocabin D5


BIOCABIN D5 is a cleaner and disinfectant


  • Bio gradable
  • For all sort of surfaces
  • Multi dirtiness




Specific aspects


  • Remove vegetable and animal fat
  • Eliminate the dirtying of surfaces including the leather
  • Remove carbon residues and soot
  • Eliminate coffee stains
  • Remove chewing-gum
  • Erase ball point pen ink on textiles
  • Bactericide and virucide (odor neutralizer)
  • Odourless, non toxic and non inflammable
  • Qualified against: D6 7127 - D6 17487 - AMS 1452B

    AMS 1526 C - AMS 1550 B

  • No halogen solvent, petroleum derivative or phosphate




BIOCABIN D5 can be used on all equipment in the cabin: Galley, restroom, seat, side panel, floor, carpet, textile, oven, coffee machine.


The product evaporates once in contact with the surface to clean, offering time savings during cleaning operations.

It can be used with a spray and by brushing with a dry duster.


Refer to the material safety data sheet for security and composition information.

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