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GROUP AERTEC offers extremely general-purpose skills, enabling it to answer any requests. Its activities can be classified in three essential categories:


  • Maintenance, repair, and modification of elements of structure or furniture of cabin, in particular, the seats
  • Painting 
  • Work and supply of flexible materials (furnishing and protection textile), leather seat covers, carpet cutting, manufacturing pleated curtains)



These services are aimed at both the operators and the industrialists: OEMs, equipment manufacturers, development centers, contractors, maintenance companies…



GROUPE AERTEC (PART 145) main activity is the aeronautical maintenance which englobes numerous aspects of aircraft maintenance:

  • Seat maintenance
  • Cover maintenance, cleaning and repair
  • Cabin maintenance (rail, structure, ...)
  • Carpet kits installation
  • Aircraft Painting
  • Container et trolley maintenance








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