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Textile production

GROUP AERTEC offers extremely general-purpose skills, enabling it to answer any requests. Its activities can be classified in three essential categories:


  • Maintenance, repair, and modification of elements of structure or furniture of cabin, in particular, the seats
  • Work and supply of flexible materials (furnishing and protection textile), leather seat covers, carpet cutting, manufacturing pleated curtains)
  • Painting.



These services are aimed at both the operators and the industrialists: OEMs, equipment manufacturers, development centers, contractors, maintenance companies…


The textile industry of the GROUPE AERTEC spreads on three sites: the workshop at Villeron (North of Roissy CDG), the textile factory of Rethel in the Ardennes (North of France) and the factory of Sousse in Tunisia.

Diverse aeronautical textile elements are made there: passenger seat covers, cabin pleated curtains, window shades...

In addition to confection, renovation of leather seat covers gives a second life to leather covers.


GROUPE AERTEC also produces other textile products such as seat blankets, covers and mattresses for baby bassinets, crew bags slippers, masks, flags.. according to the customer’s request.


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