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Pleated curtain system

Pleated Curtains Systems for Commercial and VIP Cabin Interiors


  • Mechanical resistance
  • High quality
  • Complet system with sliders and hooks



The curtains are pleated in an autoclave without sewing on the pleats (excepted if wanted!).

  • Pleats : 40 to 100mm
  • Height up to 5000mm



The pleating can be made with many kinds of fabrics:

Trevira CS® / Chlorofibre® / Ultraleather® / Alcantara® / Voile / Silk / Majilite® - according to the customer specification.


The curtains heads can handle all type of fittings (Eyelet, Press stud..).

The fittings are hidden in the curtain head and the distance to the rail is minimized for a good light tightness.

We ensure the mounting of Fastgliss sliders.





Our Options


  • Engineering support to elaborate cabin integration drawings
  • Sewing on the pleat on request
  • RFID integration in the curtain head
  • Vented curtains with or without magnets
  • Acoustic option with nomex fabric
  • Electrical actuator for pleated curtains



We deliver from the curtain only to the complet curtain system including the aluminum profile, the curtain, the curtain bent loop, the sliders and the screws.

Our curtains systems are packed in dedicated boxes designed for international transports.


Our curtains are delivered with an EASA Form 1 or with a Certificat of Conformity.

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