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Aircraft painting

GROUP AERTEC has an important paint department PART 145 corporate and military.

With 25 cabins on 5 sites (
Roissy CDG, Le Bourget, Clermont-Ferrand, Cuers), its teams ensure repainting of aircraft, helicopters, new or old


  • Specialist in fighters and military helicopters painting
  • Interventions on VIP aircraft
  • Alteration on aircraft and aircraft parts
  • Painting of aircraft interior parts
  • Interventions painting on site without pollution


Deliverance of an EASA Form 1 or  a  Certificate of Conformity.





  • Cleaning / Washing
  • Degreasing of parts and aircraft
  • Chemical manual cleaning and by projection (aircraft and parts)
  • Parts cleaning by media starch and media plastic projection
  • Surface treatment by baths
  • Painting
  • Specialist in painting on corporate aircraft engine hoods
  • Specialist in the preparation of composite parts after molding and painting




Workaround: The mobile tent

GROUP AERTEC through his mobile tent provides a adapted solution  to your needs




  • No need to move the aircraft
  • Painting workshop without environmental pollution
  • Filtration of paint particles
  • Equipment easy to move and simple to implement
  • Complete repair or repainting
  • In France and abroad



Here are some aircrafts on which GROUPE AERTEC has intervened :
- Falcon
- Boeing
- Airbus

- Mirage
- Alphajet de la Patrouille de France
- Hélicopter ( Dauphin, Gazelle, Puma...)
- Transall
- Rafale
- ATL2
- Awacs...
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